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Valentine’s Day Post: How to love the earth!!

Ello! Naomi here. In this post I have 5 simple ways to love the earth!

  1. If it’s a windy, dryish day, hang your clothes outside- Of course, this doesn’t really work if it’s raining or snowing, but if it’s not, hanging your clothes out to dry instead of using a drying machine will help the earth TREMENDOUSLY!
  2. Turn off the lights– When you’re not in a room, turning off lights will save TONS of energy!!
  3. Upcycle clothing, don’t use as much paper- This’ll help save the earth too!
  4. Plant a tree– Ohkay this might not be super simple, but it’s fun! You can watch your tree grow, and even hang hearts on it for V-day!!
  5. Walk somewhere you normally drive- EXERCISE, and also this helps save all the fossil fuel energy!

That was a VERY short post, but I hope you enjoyed!

-Naomi πŸ™‚


Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats and reading.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Post: How to love the earth!!

  1. Cool! I have two little Paw paw (I think that’s how you spell it xD) trees in my back yard that we planted last summer. But I want to plant more trees too!


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