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Contest: Poetry!

Hi! It’s Naomi, and I’m here with another post (you know actually that’s kinda obvious… but oh well. I’ll just state the obvious)! This month, I’m hosting a contest (for no reason other than we used to host one every month, and might start doing that again), and this post is to announce it! So, let’s see what this whole thing is about! Scroll on! 🙂

We’re going to be hosting a poetry contest, if you didn’t guess from the title! For your entry, submit a poem about climate change. It can be about a part of climate change, like my Luna poem, or it can be about climate change/the environment in general!

  • Send your poem to, or fill out this form
  • All entries must be submitted before 8/23/21
  • Please, no vulgarity
  • Your poem must be related to the theme (of course hehe)
  • Your poem must be between 4 and 100 words
  • If your poem does not follow these guidelines, it will be disqualified

You can win first, second, or third place. You can ALSO win an honorable mention!

  • For first + second + third place, you get a virtual award, your poem featured on this blog, and feedback from me
  • For honorable mention you get your poem featured on this blog and feedback from me (whether you want the feedback or not, because I’m not a master poet or anything… well, oh well. You’re getting it anyways)

Yes, there isn’t really much on the line, but I do hope you participate!

I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with! I’m really not excited for judging, but oh well I hope you enter!

My question of the day is: What is your favorite form of poetry?

See you! Or ya know, see… um. we’re just gonna stick with see you!


Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats and reading.

14 thoughts on “Contest: Poetry!

  1. Seems like a super fun contest to participate in!
    I love writing poems! (I’m not very good at them tho..)
    Climate change is an interesting topic.. Will try my best to participate!

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  2. Hi! I have a question. So I sometimes write a little paragraph before my poem kinda explianing what I am thinking. Would that count toward word limit? (I have alot more than 100 words)

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  3. Loved the idea of this contest!
    I’m definitely sending in my entry!
    To answer your question of the day, (almost a week later but please do ignore that)
    I love reading haikus and free verse poetry, though I haven’t branched out in those sections when it comes to writing.
    While writing, however, I like sticking to the good ol’ aa-bb or abac writing styles.

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