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Hi there! It’s Naomi, and I’m here with another post (obviously. I mean, there’s hardly a way you could have missed that this was a post, but that’s what I’m going to say, so… I guess too bad? It sounds good anyways). I’ve been wanting to do this post for a VEEERY L O N G TIME (aka about 2 days), and am super excited!

The title of today’s post might actually not totally explain what we’re doing in this post… so, *ahem*, I shall explain! Today, I’m going to be sharing some sustainable posts- the kind a lifestyle blogger or youtuber might post! If you’re a blogger, you can use this post as a post ideas post, and if you’re not, hopefully you’ll enjoy the posts and videos I’ve shared! You know, I don’t think this explanation is working well… let’s just do the post, and you’ll figure it out, right?

*ignores the weird looks she’s getting*

*continues on with the post*

A shopping haul is just a post or video in which the blogger/youtuber/whatever-er essentially buys and reviews products from a specific place… it makes for a great post, but it supports consumerism and is bad for the environment! If you’ve done a shopping haul, I have nothing against you… just saying…

But! If you want to do a shopping haul, a fun way to do this in a more sustainable fashion is having it be sustainable! You could visit a thrift store or charity store, and do a shopping haul post from there, or you can do a shopping haul from an environmental shop! (This isn’t the most sustainable one on here, but I thought I’d throw it out there!)

Posts/Videos That Fall Into This Category: Charity Shop Haul from Ordinary Fab Girl (isn’t it a good post though?), Sustainable Shopping Haul (Not my favorite on here, but it’s a good example!)

Maybe, go to a national park and talk about what you did there! Or, plant a tree and talk about planting it? Participate in a march? LOTS of different things you could do here! You can talk about what you did, if it was enjoyable, what you learned… and just share it with us! I would personally love to see a post like this, even if the eco-friendly aspect wasn’t mentioned!

This is certainly a very sustainable post, and it’s a fun one to do as well!

Posts/Videos That Fall Into This Category: Cari’s post celebrating her blogiversary and reviewing a state park (Cari is such an amazing blogger in the first place, and this post is just wonderful!), Planting 20,000,000 Trees (I don’t watch a lot of youtube, my dad showed this to me a bit ago… thought it fit the criteria. Just to tell you, my blog post recommendations are far better than my youtube ones hehe)

This is one for those of you out there who blog about books…

You could read a cli-fi book (a fictional book that touches on climate change), you could read a book about trees or about climate change in general, and review it! While this isn’t exactly a SUSTAINABLE post, it is one that’s really cool, environmental, and related to climate change!

Posts/Videos That Fall Into This Category: Arnav’s review of The Secret Life Of Plants In The Environment (a book about trees, so that’s cool!), Rowan’s review of Flush (I know, I know, Flush doesn’t have anything to do with climate change… but I’d like to recommend it anyhow!)

Thanks so much for reading! By the way, I’m actually away at the beach today through Saturday, so I’ll be replying to comments then…

Question Of The Day: Which of these kinds of posts is your favorite?

So, I’ll see you Saturday (I know, I know, I won’t actually SEE you, but I THINK I said before, I’ll just say see because it sounds loads better than anything else…)!

Ya think this signature is getting old? I kind of do. I miiight change it sometime soon…

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Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats (hence the name) and reading!

15 thoughts on “Media: Sustainable Posts!

  1. I agree! Some shopping hauls are so over the top, there is so much of money and material that’s going waste. I strongly oppose shopping hauls of any kind, but your ideas are so cool! Great post Naomi!

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