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That title may have been a little long. It’s making this text look really small in the editor and it’s weirding me out. But I don’t really wanna change it, so I’m not gonna. Hmph.

Hello humans (and the rest of you, whatever you are – aliens, dragons, robots, cats, CAT ROBOTS, etc. {oh, on the subject of cat robots. I was thinking about, like, what if there were robots that were PETS? Would that be ethical? Or, like, what if the robots were training pets or- ya know, this is very off-topic. EEEEEEERM. Next.})

I’m assuming that, since you clicked on this post, therefore you read the title, and therefore you know what this post will be about. But if that assumption is wrong, or if the title was confusing, I’ll explain that this post is a monthly wrap-up (not a yearly one, although I might do a yearly one a little late, we’ll see.) in which I’ll go over what we did last month and make goals and plans for next month!

And here I go again making a super long intro … let’s just get to the post, shall we?


  1. Stick to the new schedule
    I kneeeeew… I knew I wasn’t gonna make this goal. *dies* I literally said “this might be even harder than 14 posts” and I DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE. Welp. I got out an ok amount of posts? I… uh… this goal…
    *decides she better come out and continue*
    Moving on…
  2. Contest!
    *dramatic fanfare* I completed a goal! Woo-hoo! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the New Year’s Resolutions contest.
  3. Begin doing more action ideas
    Guess what?
    *nobody guesses*
    I actually completed more than half my goals! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve begun putting an “action of the day” at the end of my posts along with the “question of the day”!
Photo by on (I feel like I deserve a little celebration)

What we DID do?

*blinks at the screen*
*just sits there*
*cat starts meowing*
*jolts out of her reverie*

So, well, I- I’m not 100% sure what we DID do that was super impressive… Let’s just move on…

This Month’s Media

I listened to another episode of How To Save A Planet – What’s Your 2022 Climate Resolution?

not my picture

I got Silent Spring by Rachel Carson for Christmas (which I’ve been wanting to read for FOREVER. Especially since my history post on Rachel Carson which you can find here {yep, self-promotion rules.}), and began to read it.


  1. Stick to the schedule (once more)
    Erm… yep… I guess we’ll try again? *eeerm*
  2. Host a contest
    The goal I can complete…
  3. Start writing a special something…
    This isn’t something you’re going to see on the blog this month, but I’ve begun to work on researching for a post series that’ll hopefully start coming out sometime in February?
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Exciting exciting news!

January 10 is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day…

Expect a post on this coming out (around) then!


I… I’ve given up on asking for a drumroll… so…. dunee dun dun…

Our theme is going to be new ideas (AKA inventions) to start off the new year! Sound good? Well, I honestly can’t hear if it sounds good to you or not… so let’s pretend you said yes. Wonderful! That’s that.

Alrighty! Post finished.

QOTD: What’s one of your new year’s resolutions?
AOTD: Buy something locally!

See you (or whatever you) in the comments!


Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats and reading.

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  1. Happy new year! My new years resolution was to be awesome because the only other time i have completed a new years resolution was to spend more time with family in 2020 and that did not end well.

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