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Hogwarts Houses + Cli-Fi Books! // This is Bound to Be Interesting…

I know bookish posts aren’t everyone’s favorite posts, but like, erm. I really wanted to do this post, so deal with it. Please? *tries to smile sweetly but probably ends up looking like a maniac but whatever that’s fine*

Heya people! ‘Tis me (aka Naomi), and today I’m popping into your reader or email or… whatever you’re reading this on with a post about… well… exactly what the title says. I’ll be “sorting” cli-fi books into Hogwarts Houses!

And welp, that’s it for my intro. Here we go!

I’ve always wondered why Ravenclaw isn’t called, like, Eagleclaw or something… anyone have an explanation?

Can I just say that ALL books are for Ravenclaws? No? Ok, ok, I’m THINKING.

Am I putting my favorite book in my house? Uh, maybe. Seriously though, this is such a good book! The writing might not be for everyone, but it was so poetic and descriptive and the whole mystery of this book required me to use my brain power so much and OMG IT WAS JUST SO GOOOD!

The whole world (a climate change destroyed world with houses in the sky) was just so creative, so Ravenclaw.

My review || Goodreads

I actually have a good book to put in this one! Here we go!

Ah this book was so good. Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of a middle grade book and for younger people, but I think it’s (one of) the most climate change-ey cli-fi books I’ve come across! It’s got really good themes, and… just read it.

But anywho, I’m putting it on the list as a Hufflepuff-y book because, like, ANIMALS AND KINDNESS and just so many Hufflepuff vibes.


Yeeeah I know I’m kind of stretching on this one. I’m in the middle of The Marrow Thieves, but so far I’d say it’s giving me some brave people vibes. I mean, seriously. The main character’s brother literally gives up his life so that the main character can survive. I think that’s brave in a way. So. There. Totally good reasoning.

Anyhow, this book took me forever to decide to read, but I finally have and I’m liking it so far!


Oh Slytherin. Let’s see…

I dub this one Slytherin because, well, vibes. But also, well, I’m trying to keep this spoiler-free, but like there’s a lot of Slytherins in this book, ok? I think you pretty much HAVE to be Slytherin to survive in a world where everyone is sick. Ya know?

I have no idea whatsoever how I feel about this book, but you should give it a try if you think it might be a good book!


All done! I’ve been wanting to write this post for forever, so thanks for humoring me. Welp, I’ll see you Monday!

QOTD (question of the day): Have you read Harry Potter? If so, what’s your house?

AOTD (action of the day): Read one of these books and share it with a friend!


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