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Earth Day is Coming Up! // 5 Ways to Celebrate

Guess what? I actually talked to not-my-friend-people this week! Aren’t I SOOO AMAZING? (I mean I’m very very introverted and literally can’t talk to people so) The- Uh. Hi. Sorry. Yeah. The post. Moving on.

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi Domi, and I’m here today because, well, Earth Day is in 11 days and I thought I’d give you some ideas so you’re not just sitting around on earth day. Cause, like, who wants to do THAT?

I actually did this last year, but ya know, you need a refresher, right? Plus I have new ideas. So. There.

Without further ado… the post!

Ok, ok, I know. I think I was just talking about how basic trees are, but WHATEEEEVER. They’re still cool. Soooooooo planting trees. This is actually sort of a bunch of ideas squished into one, so let’s just do a list.

  1. Go to a tree-planting event with OneTreePlanted. I’m not sure what places they HAVE tree-planting events, but you can check here to see if they have one near you! And *cough cough* parents…. *cough cough* I think this is a GREAT idea and we should go to it this year…
  2. Buy a tree or 2… or 10… or 20… or 100 that will be planted in a forest where they’re needed. OneTreePlanted ALSO has a program like this – you pay money and they plant a tree! Pretty simple. Here’s the link to THAT.
  3. Buy a tree and plant it in your backyard! I recommend getting one from The Arbor Day Foundation.

This one is pretty simple and very versatile. Write and/or share something earthy! You could write an earthy poem, a cli-fi story, or an informative post. You could reblog something, share an article with your friends, tell someone about a great earthy book you read. You could write a blog post, post to social media, or send an email. You could do something that I can’t even think of!

I think that’s enough. Not much explaining for that one!

I was actually gonna include write and/or share in this part, but I really hate transitioning into lists, so I separated the sections. When I say “educate”, I mean educate yourself. Maybe read an article or a climate change-ey book (*cough cough* I have a lot of recommendations on here if you search, like “book”). Or you could listen to a podcast (I recommend “The Big Melt” or “How to Save a Planet”) or watch a video. Just learn something about our earth that you didn’t know before! Pretty simple.

As for attending something, you might have to do some of your own research because I kinda live over here in the US and you all live… lots of different places, so I can’t find things you can all attend in person. HOWEVER, I can suggest two awesome events to watch! The first is Earth Day Live, which has a bunch of different speakers talking about the earth. Second is the Earth Day 2022 Virtual Stage, which is… pretty much the same thing, but see which one you like better!

Okay, okay, this isn’t the BEST category, but seriously! Explore They have a bunch of cool things to do and even some events that might be near you! Just go. Look at the website. Please?

And that’s that! Have a great Earth Day and I’ll see you Friday (well, ya know, I’ll see your… words?)!

Question of the Day: Do you have plans for Earth Day?
Action of the Day: Do one of the things on this list for Earth Day!


Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats and reading.

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