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So that was a long unannounced hiatus… // Also, a work of cli-fi for each day of the week

Sometimes I think school is really pointless. Like, next year I will have no remembrance of literally anything I learned in social studies, so what’s the point? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.

Heya earthlings and aliens! Naomi here, and in case you forgot over the very long no-post-period, I am a human (or at least PROBABLY a human) and you are reading a post from the SSCC.

I’m going to pretty much ignore that whole unannounced hiatus thing except to say sorry and hopefully I’ll post more frequently now? Life is being life and blogging continuously is continuously getting forgotten. It’s the saddest thing.

But ANYWHO. Since I feel like doing a bookish post again (I don’t think I’ve done an informational post in a while, but it’s fine. I’ll do it next post?), you’re getting a book for every day of the week! Bear with me when my reasoning makes literally zero sense and I write anywhere between 2 sentences and 2 paragraphs about each day of the week… JUST BE GLAD I’M BACK.

Ohkie, now enjoy!

So people here start the calendar with Sunday, but I start it with Monday because I’m SPECIAL so we’re doing that here.

But anywhooo, Monday is an amazing yet underappreciated day (ok I hate Monday a little but it’s fine I hate The Ones We’re Meant to Find a little too because WHY WAS IT SO SAD SERIOUSLY PEOPLE), and since The Ones We’re Meant to Find is too, boom! Oh plus, both Monday and The Ones We’re Meant to Find are a bit emotional and all over the place. SO.

Tuesday is… I dunno. It’s like that day that I don’t like but I also don’t hate, and Midnight at the Electric is that but a book so it’s a perfect match. Totally.

Sooo there’s the W. Wednesday = Wilder Girls. But then there’s also like the SADNESS AND STUFF of Wednesday to be compared to the SADNESS AND STUFF of Wilder Girls. It’s a perfect match!

So ya know how Thursdays are just SO CLOSE to being good? Like you’re almost to the end of the week and it’s almost Friday and it should be a good day but for some reason it’s not really? That’s the Marrow Thieves. Except, of course, The Marrow Thieves isn’t a day, it’s a book. I loved the IDEA of this book but the writing was an issue for me, ohkie?

*it’s totally wrong to rate your own story… right? But also I just can’t it’s impossible.

So Friday is sorta linked to school (and leaving it), just like Dreamer. Plus, I feel like Dreamer is something you could read on a Friday because it’s a KINDA light read.

So well first off, there’s the wonderful alliteration thing going on here too. Saturday paired with The Sea is Salt and So am I creates SO MANY Ss. So yayyy! Uh huh. But also, am I the only one that thinks SATURDAY IS SUCH A BIG DAY or whatever. Like THERE’S ALL THIS TIME cause school is mean and takes the ENTIRE WEEK and then church and stuff is SUNDAY so Saturday is like THE DAY WHERE YOU DO STUFF.

And also other things like that. And The Sea is Salt and So am I just has that… vibe? I know, I’m great at explaining this, right?

See this was going to be a post on like cli-fi books, but then I decided, well, Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog had to be in this (Dreamer too but whtevs). Oh, and if you decided not to read the okay-looking image above, Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog is a podcast. Like a 3-hour-long one.

It’s cool, okie? And I’m not good at explaining it. But ANYWHO, the whole day of the week thing. See, Sunday to me is like a nice happy day because NO SCHOOL and other things, but like it’s also kinda sad because the weekend is over? And this podcast is pretty much that. So.

Alrighty roo, that should be it! ‘Til next time…


Ello! I'm Naomi, a tween girl with a passion for the environment. Other than that, I love cats and reading.

9 thoughts on “So that was a long unannounced hiatus… // Also, a work of cli-fi for each day of the week

  1. HIIIII i’m so sorry i never commented??? but also i read this DAYS AGO when you first published it AND FELL IN LOVE IT’S ACTUALLY PHENOMENAL??? 😭 i’m forever in awe of your groundbreaking ideas AND LIVE FOR THEM. thank you FOR MAKING MY WHOLE ENTIRE DAY WITH THIS POST

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