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Goodbye July, Hello August! // School Starts in Like… 21 Days

Has the wordpress editor always had this serif font? Because I may be going crazy, but I think the font changed.

Heya earthlings and aliens! ‘Tis Naomi, and I’m convinced that we skipped a few days. Because it was literally just June. I mean, I definitely didn’t write “Goodbye June” instead of “Goodbye July”. So I’ll file a complaint to the calendar people and tell them that they skipped a few days, but in the meantime, I think I’ll just write this post. Sound good? Great.

Goodbye July

Hey, that sorta rhymes!


  1. Post another part/chapter of The Dreamer.
    I did! It took me like 5 million rewrites, but I did.
  2. Post more than 5 times
    Heh. Heh. Heh. Well.
  3. Actually read or watch some climate change stuff!
    I read AND watched climate change stuff, so.. whoop whoop?

This Month’s Media

Well, I actually read The Marrow Thieves. And it was… ok? It wasn’t the best book in the entire world (the main character was so aggravating and the romance was a tad bleh), but it was a really interesting and important-feeling book. So that.

Aaand I watched Kiss the Ground (read my review-ish thing here), which was AMAZING and had AMAZING pictures and I’m so proud of myself because I actually watched it.


  1. Post another part/chapter of The Dreamer
    I need a goal that I will definitely reach.
  2. Post 5 or more times
    Come on, me! You got this! *ignores the fact she only wrote 4 posts last month*
  3. Find a way to keep blogging as school starts up
    Heh. This’ll be fun.


World Water Week is from August 23 – September 1 and I’ll hopefully remember it exists so I can do a post on it.

Alrighty roo! These posts are always super short, but whatevs. I’m off to file that complaint to the calendar people.

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Hello July, Goodbye June // Ft. Naomi Domi screaming about her life decisions in the month of June

I’m hot. I’m so hot, and I’m going to be hotter because we’re going to a hotter place on our vacation. Yayyyy. Not. But whatever, it’s fine. I shall persevere and write this post! (Look at how brave I am)

Heya humans (and everyone else) from the future! ‘Tis the Naomi of 6 days ago. If you didn’t catch my last post (or you skimmed through the 5-paragraph intro), I’ll tell you now that the Naomi of your time is most likely overheating in an amazingly beautiful national park. And why is that important to you? It’s not really, it just means that I’ll be late in responding to your comments and probably won’t read your posts for a bit.

But you get to read mine! Woo-hoo! So anyway, off we go with my pretty sad monthly wrap-up post.


  1. Publish at least one more chapter of The Dreamer.
    I did! I did! I did!
  2. Stick to the schedule.
    Hehe. Well. Not sure why I thought I could do THAT this month. *glares at the Naomi of last month*
  3. Read/watch some environmental stuff.
    I really wanted to? I was busy, ok?

This Month’s Media

There’s not much, but June 5 was World Environment Day (not sure how I missed that), and Datta Kaashvi posted this amazing post.


  1. Post another part/chapter of The Dreamer.
    Again, this should be easy… right?
  2. Post more than 5 times
    Setting a pretty easy goal since I’ll be gone for half the month… you BETTER reach this goal, future Naomi.
  3. Actually read or watch some climate change stuff!
    Third time’s a charm?


To my knowledge, July doesn’t have any environmental holidays. Sadness.

And that’s that! Um… there’s not much else to say, so goodbye for now!

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Hello June, Goodbye May! // Yeah, I’m Alive

I am so tired of movies. We watched like a million on our last days of school and just like uuuuuuuuuugh. But, ya know, whatever. I’ll be fiiiiiiine.

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi, and no, I’m not dead. Nearing the end of school, I was in a kinda weird mood where I like couldn’t get ANYTHING done. Blame it on the movies we watched basically the whole school day for a week. But school’s out! And so I’ll hopefully have more time to write blog posts and do all the other things I need to do – except for that one month that I’m away for almost all of. But we’ll get to that when we get to it.

Right now, we’ve got a post to write!


  1. Stick to the schedule
    *ahem* Well you see, I did it really well for like the first half of the month. But um. Well.
  2. ACTUALLY do SOME kind of work on This Precious Planet each week
    I did! I did! You hear that everyone? I ACTUALLY COMPLETED A GOAL. Except, uh, it wasn’t This Precious Planet – it’s The Dreamer now. But whatever. I worked on my story and released the prologue!
  3. Get The Marrow Thieves back out and finish it, watch Kiss The Ground, and maybe watch Don’t Look Up.
    Oh yeah. That. Well uh – no, no, and no? I kinda forgot about this one…

This Month’s Media

Thanks for asking, but I don’t think I read or watched anything climate change-y this month. Sorries. I’ve got lots of summer reading to do!


  1. Publish at least one more chapter of The Dreamer.
    Pretty easy goal. I think.
  2. Stick to the schedule.
    We’ll… we’ll try.
  3. Read/watch some environmental stuff!
    Since I failed last month.


It’s great outdoors month, and in light of that I’ll try to get some outdoors-y posts out there! And ALSO, June 6 is National Green Roof Day – which yay, because for some reason I haven’t really talked about green roofs on here yet!

And that’s all for today, folks! I’ll see you on Monday with a post about green roofs, and now I better be off – bye!

Question of the day: Do you have any environmental movie, book, or show recommendations for me?
Action of the day: Spend some time in nature!

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Goodbye April, Hello… May? // Monthly Wrap-Up

Does anyone else think that April maybe didn’t actually exist? Like, it was April 1… yesterday, right? But hold on, It’s almost MAY? Wha-huh- what did I MISS?

Hiya! ‘Tis Naomi, and welcome to the April wrap-up post. When you read this, it’ll be two days into April May, and that’s CRAZY. I mean like WHAT HAPPENED TO TIME? But anyway. Time DID decide to pass, so it’s monthly wrap-up time again. Here we go!


  1. Stick to the schedule
    I only missed ONE day of the schedule this month, which I think is actually pretty good. *nods*
  2. Finish drafting This Precious Planet and begin to write it (if people are interested).
    *ahem* Um. Well. I should really do this. SOMEONE MOTIVATE ME PLEASE.
Photo by Markus Winkler on

This Month’s Media

Storytime! It took me forever to start The Marrow Thieves, a cli-fi book about a time when only Native Americans can dream due to Climate Change (not an awesome description, but oh well). Then, I remembered I had to finish another book and so it took me forever to READ it. But then it was overdue at the library. And I had to go return it. So uh. Didn’t finish it. But want to!

I didn’t read/watch much climate-change-ey stuff this month…


  1. Stick to the schedule
    This one explains itself.
  2. ACTUALLY do SOME kind of work on This Precious Planet each week
    Yeah, I didn’t do it last month. But I’m still hoping I can! You go this, Naomi.
  3. Get The Marrow Thieves back out and finish it, watch Kiss The Ground, and maybe watch Don’t Look Up.
    I need to get back into Climate Changey media.
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on


Other than May 1, which was Hurricane Preparedness Day (just missed it), there aren’t any environmental holidays in May. *cries* Why aren’t there more of these holidays? There is SO MUCH we could celebrate!

And that is that! I’m off to make sure that my computer isn’t lying to me when it says that we’re on the 5th month of 2022 already.

Question of the Day: What are your May plans?
Action of the Day: Read a book or watch a movie about climate change!

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Hello April, Goodbye March (and February)! // *no pranks will be found here (probably)*

I saw a cat on the street yesterday. I thought I’d tell you cause like forever ago when I started the contact page, I told you to tell me if you saw a cat on the street, and I thought I’d do what I told you to do… does that make sense? No? Ok, moving on.

It’s April 1, which means it’s April Fools Day. But I’m a very responsible person (most of the time), and I know that I should PROBABLY do my monthly wrap-up instead of a prank post. And so, wha-la! Naomi Domi the very-responsible-person is doing her wrap-up post because it’s been a whole 3 months since she last did one…



  1. Stick to the schedule (once more)
    Depends what you mean by that one. Did I stick to the schedule in February and the beginning of March? Nuh-uh. But have I stuck to the NEW new schedule ever since I introduced it? Yes. Because I’m super amazing. So… uh… we’ll say I did that! Totally.
  2. Host a contest
    I… tried…
  3. Start writing a special something…
    I… started it? So I have a question: would you be interested in a story… series? Basically like a book, except that the chapters would be individual blog posts, and it would be pretty short. You don’t have to give your final answer until I give you more information, but I’m very much undecided about finishing the story… so, please help! I won’t be offended if you’re not interested…
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

This Month’s Media

I read a BUNCH of climate change themed books – Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Wilder Girls by Rory Power, and The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

I watched a rap video and a podcast on compost (told you I found a new obsession).

I watched My Octopus Teacher – which I know isn’t climate change related, but its earthy, so there.


  1. Stick to the schedule
    I’m actually doing this! I’m so amazing! *smiles*
  2. Finish drafting This Precious Planet and begin to write it (if people are interested).
    We’ll see if I can do this…
Photo by Bich Tran on


Happy Fossil Fools Day! Sadly, I can’t do a post on it since, well, it’s obviously today… maybe we’ll do a LATE fossil fools day. *shrugs* And happy gardening month – expect some garden-y posts!

K k! March and February wrapped up. See ya Monday!

QOTD: What are your April plans?
AOTD (action of the day): Talk about climate change and spread some awareness!

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Hello DECEMBER, Goodbye November!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaaaaay, oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh! Jingle bells, jing- Oh, um, right. The post. Do you all know that Christmas song? ALL OF THESE CHRISTMAS SONGS LOVE GETTING STUCK IN MY HEAD. Gosh. I’ve been playing Christmas songs on the piano for FOREVER, and it’s a really good way to get Christmas songs stuck in your head. Anywho, you’re probably not interested. You PROBABLY came here for my monthly wrap-up. But, ya know, maybe you- Anywho. This is getting too loooong…

Happy December, happy beginning-of-advent, and happy last year of the month! ‘Tis Naomi, and welcome to the SSCC! I’m here to wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry- do our monthly wrap-up post, and I’m excited-ish!

Also, random fact. we started this blog at the beginning of this year, and now it’s the end of this year (I know I’m ahead of myself, but still), and it feels like… wow. My gosh, it’s been so looong.

Anywho, shall we get into our post? I believe we shall.


  1. Podcast Episode
    Will- Naomi. I need to figure out how to do a podcast episode, but no, not this month. I think if I do ever come up with an episode, I’ll be changing the format of the episodes quite a bit. Do you have any ideas for topics I could do? (And yes, obviously I didn’t get this. EEEEEERM))
  2. Contest!
    Ta-da! 1 of 3 goals done! I DID IT I DID IT!
  3. 14 posts.
    Well uh… well. I was busy, k? November was November, and there was school and things and- 10 posts. *ahem* Neeext
    *Remembers she must finish the post*
    *Maybe if I finish the post everyone will forget about this whole goals thing.*

What we DID do

Not too much, although we had some fun posts. *shrugs*

This Month’s Media

I listened to an episode of How To Save A Planet titled The Tribe That’s Moving Earth (and water) to Solve The Climate Crisis.

I read Mousami’s extraordinary post titled “The Handshakes And Speeches”

I read OrdinaryFabGirl’s post on Cutting Down Your Meat Intake


  1. Stick to the new schedule
    This might be even harder than 14 posts. But. That’s… that’s ok. We’ll try.
  2. Contest!
    Not really must of an explanation needed here. 😉 I need a goal I can actually complete, k?
  3. Begin doing more action ideas
    I know that education matters, but really, I think that something that would be even better is if I helped educate you (and me) about what we can do, even if it is small.



I-I’m not- I don’t- it’s so sad. No environmental holidays this month…

But I’ll do a Christmas post (hopefully)!


Drumroll pleeease


*begins to bang on computer*

*Decides that’s not a good idea because breakage*

*gives up*

Severe weather! For no apparent reason, I’ve never really talked about this, and so I thought I should start. And then I decided, well, why not do a whole theme about it? So. There we are!

Alrighty! That’s that!


*realizes she has to finish the post*

*comes back*

QOTD: Any ideas for podcast episodes?


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If somebody would please explain to me why I wrote 11-1-21 on my paper // Hello November, Goodbye October!

So. On October 21, I wrote September 21 in my piano book. Also, uh, October is in the- future, ri-and uh, well, hold on, December is not next month. Nuh-uh. Ya know what- I-

Heya! It’s November Naomi, and I’m here to welcome in the new month (which is October, right? No? *sighs*), and say bye-bye to the old one. So, are you excited? Cause I am!

There’s not much else to say, unless of course you want to listen to me rant about how for some reason it’s the 11th month of 2020 2021 (in which case say so in the comments, we can have a nice time-is-going-crazy chat)…. so let’s get started!

I didn’t write August there. Nuh-uh. Nope. Totally not. August was forever agoooo.


  1. An episode of the podcast (once more)!
    I uh… I reached out to a member about doing it? But she’s also uh my friend and we have other things to do with our time together… *ahem* That didn’t happen. Moving oooon…..
  2. 14 posts
    Naomi will you stop with the hard goals?!
    So uh… well… so well if you count this one and the goodbye / hello for September / October, then yeees? *ahem*
  3. Contest!
    Ah, thank you past me. You are so kind.
    Yaaaaay! *dances*
    WE COMPLETED A GOAL! And about the contest results, they’ll be coming out on the 3rd – there’s just so much happening in this between months period

What we DID do

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERM. Well. We- uh well. We did some fun posts! Why do I set myself up like this? *face palm*

This Month’s Media

I read an AMAZING AMAZING post from Random Specific Thoughts titled The Climate is Changing – Will You Change?

I watched Avatar (a fiction movie, and before you tell me that’s not climate change, hold ON, I’m getting to something), and then I was like “Hmmm this seems kinda climate-change-y”, so I looked up “Avatar Climate Change” and I found an AMAZING interview that can be read here.

I watched a bit of the TED Countdown Summit, which was pretty amazing! It’s about 3 hours, but you can watch some of it and it’s still cool!


  1. Podcast Episode
    Third. Time. Is. A. Charm. That’s all I’ll say. (Except that sentence contridicts itself and so it’s a PARADOX like the statement this statement is false)
  2. Contest!
    This requires basically no explanation. Hopefully, we shall have another contest this month!
  3. 14 posts.
    Shouldn’t be THAT hard, right? *ahem* anywayyy


Happy world vegan daaaay! Today, November 1, is World Vegan day – so yaaay! Sadly, I have this post today, so I can’t have a World Vegan Day post, but I may just do a post about why meat is bad for the environment soon (with all due respect to animal farmers out there).




History! I shall be talking about the past events that led up to this – something I don’t actually know much about – and I’m super excited!

Alrighty then! I’m super tired, so I’m just gonna be going now….

QOTD: What are you looking forward to in November?


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Goodbye August, Hello… the month after August. September, right?

If this post’s title doesn’t tell you enough, I have no sense of time right now. I mean, I spent FOREVER waiting for August 23rd (first day of school), and now that THAT’S been and past, I really don’t have any sense of time. Plus, I mean… IT’S PAST AUGUST 23RD I SURVIVED SCHOOL WOOOW! Um. Anyway. I feel like every monthly wrap up post starts like this, so let’s try this intro again…

Hey there! It’s Naomi (yep, you got your break from me with Rowan’s last post- but I’m baack! zD {Sep started it, and I like it, so we’re just gonna go with it. zD is just xD, and xD is just 😂. Got it?}), and I’m here with August wrap-up post, and… er… SEPTEMBER’s hello post! (my brain literally just registered that next month is September already. WOOW. I have big things in September toooooo… gosh. Time flies, doesn’t it?! Excuse me for a moment while I process things)

So, let’s get into the post before I start freaking out!


  1. Host a contest
    Look at me, look at me! I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED A GOAL! So so amazing, right?
    *waits for claps*
    *no one claps*
    *sighs and moves on*

    In any case, yes, I did host a contest this month, a poetry contest as a matter of fact! It was so fun reading everyone’s entries but…. um… not fun judging. So, you know, I DO want to do a contest again, but I don’t want to judge one, so… I’ll get that figured out!
  2. Write at least 15 posts
    *decides she better get this over with*
    *Peeks out from the covers and keeps writing*
    I should really stop putting such a high number on here, shouldn’t I? I got 13 buuut uh, not 15.
  3. Write in some more current news for posts
    *shrugs* Well, about halfway through the month, I decided to check back on my goals, and I realized I’d forgotten all about this one… I did do ONE current news post though! I’ll do better next time, k?
    *hides again*
    *realizes actually she’s done with this part, so she can come out now*

And uh, well, that’s how THAT went! I got like, 1 and a half. Which is better than sometimes! Yeah, better than sometimes! We’re going with glass half full here. Or uh… we’re going with, you know, half the goals were accomplished instead of half weren’t!*

*I’m always in a good mood when writing these, aren’t I? I mean, I’m giving credit to the GZM Beats music I’m listening to right now, it’s making me feel quite happy

What we DID do

Not much special, really. We kept up with posts pretty well, and oh! We did our first and second collab (so fun!), and our first guest post swap! Lots of fun!

This Month’s Media

New section alert! New section alert!

I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching, some great climate change / environmental media! I thought that doing a little wrap-up of the climate change media I’ve read/watched/listened to this month would be fun! So uh, here goes…

The Week Junior had several articles about different things happening in the news to do with climate change, and also about things like electric vehicles – and, they did an entire article about the UN’s report on climate change, which was super cool! I wish I could share the article with you, it does an AMAZING job of explaining the basics of climate change!

Lili wrote an amazing poem about the environment, which was just… so goooood!

I watched an old-ish TED Talk titled “The Case For Stubborn Optimism On Climate Change”, which was just so very good and totally gave me some newfound hope that we CAN work through this!

I discovered The Ecolytical and read some of those absolutely A M A Z I N G posts!

I listened to a couple new episodes of The Big Melt, which I enjoyed and got a few post ideas from!


  1. Do a contest!
    I actually think I might do a contest and have you guys vote! All the fun without the judging, right? We’ll see! I’m pretty excited for my idea…
  2. Write 14 posts
    14 is my goal! I think it’s actually pretty plausible, I’m settling into my new school schedule and… well, I can hope, right?
  3. Current News (Again)
    Yep, I’m trying THIS again. I’d really like to includes some more current news in my posts, and I PROBABLY won’t forget about this goal this time (HOPEFULLY)!
  4. Do an episode of the PODCAST
    I know this isn’t blogging goals, but I kind of want to record an episode of the podcast… I haven’t for a while, some things got complicated in the process of doing that, but I do want to do another podcast episode – I might start long term again, we’ll see!


Guess what’s SUPER EXCITING?! There’s actually MULTIPLE ENVIRONMENTAL HOLIDAYS in September! They should spread the holidays out more… What are these holidays? Well… September 7th is the International Day Of Clean Air – cool, right? And September 25 is National Public Lands Day (national as in across the US… but you know, we can all celebrate it, right?). Stay tuned for posts on those days to help you celebrate!


Our theme for September is…

Drumroll Pleeease….


No, I mean ACTUALLY drumroll for me, please? I mean, I know maybe people will stare at you if you do, so… actually, let’s just…

Thank you youtube!

Government! Hear me out here. So, I was thinking about how we NEED the government to act, and we need them to act now. I was thinking about how these little things that we do in our life DO help, but to make a big difference, we need the government involved. I’m thinking that this month I’ll provide you with a couple email outlines, government contact lists, and organizations that work to make the government do more eco-friendly things! I’ll also probably be talking a bit about some of the things that HAVE been passed (like the Paris Agreement)! What do you think? Wow that was way too much think…

Alrighty roo, then (I guess that’s my new outtro thing?)! Thank you for reading this loooongish post, I hope you enjoyed!

Question of the day: What are you looking forward to in September?

Well, I’ll see you next time!

*leaves the computer and goes ahead and tells everybody that GUESS WHAT IT’S SEPTEMBER*

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Goodbye July, Welcome August!

So! I’m so excited for July- wait. Ok. JULY ALREADY HAPPENED?

I do this every month, don’t I? I’m always surprised by the date… well then! Please excuse me for a moment…

*breathes* *returns to the computer*

Ok, we’re good now! So, I AM excited for August. This is going to be GREAT! Let’s get started with this post, shall we?


  1. Get a junior member upgraded to a member
    I… this goal was not reached, I’m really sorry… and I’m sad about it, but it’s one of those I always put on and rarely get… erm… moving on!
  2. Write at least 15 posts (again)
    I! Was! So! Close! I got 14 posts… well, I got close, so I’m glad!! It was much better then last month! I’m happy with myself this month, to be completely honest.
  3. Do a contest or something new
    I haven’t done a contest in a LONG TIME, have I? Goodness gracious! We should run a contest this month! (if you were wondering, I didn’t succeed on that goal)

Oh well… better luck to us next time!

What we DID do

We didn’t do a LOT A LOT this month, but we kept up with posts pretty well, and I think that it was still a pretty good month! I was really happy with the eco-conscious consumerism post series as well!

*yeah I’m aware that we didn’t do super well in July…. but I feel positive tonight! So…*


  1. Host a contest
    As I said on my July goals section, we haven’t done a contest in a while! I would really love to host another contest, and so we’re going to try this month! Ee! Tell me in the comments… do you have any ideas? Should I do another writing one? Photography? Art?
  2. Write at least 15 posts
    Yeah… I’m going to try this again… not that I have MUCH faith in myself for this- I’m starting school this month so I might get busy, but I hope that this works!
  3. Write in some more current news for posts
    I might do a post on the Olympics, or the breaking climate change news… I also want to talk a bit more about the effects of climate change happening now!


I don’t really understand why there aren’t more holidays to do with climate change. None AGAIN!


Our THEME for this month is going to be media! I’m kind of stealing this idea from Rowan @ Ocean Heroes … she did this as her theme last month and I really enjoyed those posts! So, we’re going to try that theme!

I might not do so many of the themed posts this month, because I’m going to have a good amount of collab posts this month- which, by the way, we are open for collabs and I would love to do a collab with you! Just head over to our contact page and contact me either through email or the form!

Alrighty then! That’s today’s post! I am so very excited for the rest of August!

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in August?

See you in the comments!

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Since it’s drawing near to February, this blog post is going to consist of February’s plans, project, and challenge! Every month, I will post something like this to tell you about any national days, news, or programs in the world, and also to give you an overview of what we hope to do this month, a project and a challenge!!

Our plans and goals: February will be the first full month of the blog, and also the first month that I will have a challenge and project for you guys! In February, I’m hoping to get the word out about this to more people, by this blog and by telling more people! I hope that you will tell a friend or family member about this in February in support of this! I’m hoping to get at least one new junior member and to have at least one junior member become an official member!!

Our project: Mr. President– In the US, where I live, we elected a new president who was sworn into office 1-20-21. This month’s project is to contact the new president (Joe Biden) about climate change. Even if you do not live in the US, climate change is a global issue and anything that happens in one place affects the whole world. Click here to contact him. If you are using that link, you’re message type is Contact the President, and here are a few things to keep in mind while composing the email:

  1. President Biden has included the US in The Paris Climate Agreement already, and so including a thank-you for that is good- remember that he isn’t doing nothing.
  2. What we want him to do is more for climate change, including adding green energy and stopping factories from producing fossil fuels.
  3. You might not get your email directly read by the president himself, but the way that the emails work is that the people reading the president’s emails make charts and such of the issues the people emailing care about, so the more the better!!

I challenge you: Use sustainable paper and supplies for your valentines this year– Try using eco-friendly paper such as Banana Paper or Elephant poop paper!! Elephant poo paper (which is completely clean, don’t worry) can come in colors, but banana paper is much less expensive. Also, using recycled paper does help the environment a lot!!