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Dreamer Part 5 // Friendships, Theories, and the Difference Between Watching and Stalking

Oh my goodness so there are these two big projects that we finished right before break and NEITHER TEACHER has put in the grades and it’s THE WORST. I don’t want to wait!

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi, and I’m bringing you the next installment of “The Dreamer”. Which, if you didn’t know, is this story series about girls and dreams and… welp, maybe you should just read the previous chapters (or, if you’re like me and don’t have amazing long-term memory but don’t wanna reread the entire series, you can read the previously on…). Seems easier, yeah?

Previously on The Dreamer: Kurota feels this weird connection with her classmate Nova and isn’t sure why. Being a logical weirdo, she usually wouldn’t act on such a feeling, but this one is really strong and so she’s been watching Nova for the past few months. Nova, oblivious to Kurota’s creepy watching, is trying to deal with losing her sister to a fire.

These two get paired for an English assignment. And well, Nova hasn’t really been paying attention to school… and… you’ll see what Kurota thinks about that in this part! Yay!

Get Caught Up: Prologue (The Dream) | Part One (Soulmates, Dreams, and Homework) | Part Two (Sisters, Grandparents, and Other Lost Things) Part Three (Observations, Awkwardness, and an English Assignment) | Part Four (Group Projects, Annoying Partners, and Zoning Out)

“… and she didn’t even know what the project was. Like she zoned out for the entirety of the speech. And I’m going to sound like a total nerd, but how is she not even a little bit excited to do a project on a way we’re hurting our environment that could get us to a national contest where we could literally win $500?” Kurota groans. She’s sprawled across Orenda’s floor as she complains about her group project. 
“See, you’re my best friend and as such I love you. But first off, since when was being a nerd a bad thing? And second off, how can you not take this as a good thing? You’ve been trying to talk to her and figure out what’s going on here since the beginning of school.” Of course Orenda thinks of it that way.

Photo by Pixabay:

“I think you’re getting it twisted because you’re the one who wants to talk to Nova. Not me.”
“Mhm. You’re still the one who wants to know everything about her, and talking to her is a way better way of doing that than creepily stalking her all the time.”
“It’s not stalking if I’m not following her.” Kurota protests.
“Well, creepily watching her then. Better?”
“Well when you and Nova have some special bond, I am always going to remind you that I was right when I said you should just talk to her, you crazy introvert.”
“Well when I totally fail this project because of my partner and then never talk to her again, I am always going to remind you that I was right when I said I should stick to watching, you crazy extrovert.”
“Wait, does this mean you’re going to give up on watching her?” Orenda jumps up from where she was lying. 
“Yeah, probably. What’s the point? Not sure why I stuck to this so long anyways since there’s no reason whatsoever that she’s important to me.” 

Photo by Pixabay:

“What if she’s your soulmate and you just decide that she isn’t important to you? Then you’ll never have a soulmate!”
“We are not going to your crazy theories again. I’ve heard them all enough times.”
“Alright, whatever. I know you don’t believe in magic and all that, but seriously? You should consider something that’s a little out of your comfort zone. Just saying.”
“Can we change the subject now?”

And that’s that! Hope you enjoyed…

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So that was a long unannounced hiatus… // Also, a work of cli-fi for each day of the week

Sometimes I think school is really pointless. Like, next year I will have no remembrance of literally anything I learned in social studies, so what’s the point? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.

Heya earthlings and aliens! Naomi here, and in case you forgot over the very long no-post-period, I am a human (or at least PROBABLY a human) and you are reading a post from the SSCC.

I’m going to pretty much ignore that whole unannounced hiatus thing except to say sorry and hopefully I’ll post more frequently now? Life is being life and blogging continuously is continuously getting forgotten. It’s the saddest thing.

But ANYWHO. Since I feel like doing a bookish post again (I don’t think I’ve done an informational post in a while, but it’s fine. I’ll do it next post?), you’re getting a book for every day of the week! Bear with me when my reasoning makes literally zero sense and I write anywhere between 2 sentences and 2 paragraphs about each day of the week… JUST BE GLAD I’M BACK.

Ohkie, now enjoy!

So people here start the calendar with Sunday, but I start it with Monday because I’m SPECIAL so we’re doing that here.

But anywhooo, Monday is an amazing yet underappreciated day (ok I hate Monday a little but it’s fine I hate The Ones We’re Meant to Find a little too because WHY WAS IT SO SAD SERIOUSLY PEOPLE), and since The Ones We’re Meant to Find is too, boom! Oh plus, both Monday and The Ones We’re Meant to Find are a bit emotional and all over the place. SO.

Tuesday is… I dunno. It’s like that day that I don’t like but I also don’t hate, and Midnight at the Electric is that but a book so it’s a perfect match. Totally.

Sooo there’s the W. Wednesday = Wilder Girls. But then there’s also like the SADNESS AND STUFF of Wednesday to be compared to the SADNESS AND STUFF of Wilder Girls. It’s a perfect match!

So ya know how Thursdays are just SO CLOSE to being good? Like you’re almost to the end of the week and it’s almost Friday and it should be a good day but for some reason it’s not really? That’s the Marrow Thieves. Except, of course, The Marrow Thieves isn’t a day, it’s a book. I loved the IDEA of this book but the writing was an issue for me, ohkie?

*it’s totally wrong to rate your own story… right? But also I just can’t it’s impossible.

So Friday is sorta linked to school (and leaving it), just like Dreamer. Plus, I feel like Dreamer is something you could read on a Friday because it’s a KINDA light read.

So well first off, there’s the wonderful alliteration thing going on here too. Saturday paired with The Sea is Salt and So am I creates SO MANY Ss. So yayyy! Uh huh. But also, am I the only one that thinks SATURDAY IS SUCH A BIG DAY or whatever. Like THERE’S ALL THIS TIME cause school is mean and takes the ENTIRE WEEK and then church and stuff is SUNDAY so Saturday is like THE DAY WHERE YOU DO STUFF.

And also other things like that. And The Sea is Salt and So am I just has that… vibe? I know, I’m great at explaining this, right?

See this was going to be a post on like cli-fi books, but then I decided, well, Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog had to be in this (Dreamer too but whtevs). Oh, and if you decided not to read the okay-looking image above, Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog is a podcast. Like a 3-hour-long one.

It’s cool, okie? And I’m not good at explaining it. But ANYWHO, the whole day of the week thing. See, Sunday to me is like a nice happy day because NO SCHOOL and other things, but like it’s also kinda sad because the weekend is over? And this podcast is pretty much that. So.

Alrighty roo, that should be it! ‘Til next time…

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It’s National Back to School Prep Day // 3 Ways I’m Trying to be More Eco-Friendly this School Year

That was a very long title. Maybe not the longest title ever, because I’ve read and wrote some pretty long ones, but it’s CLOSE, ohkie? It’s close.

Heya earthlings and aliens! Naomi here (yep, I know, I haven’t posted for a week because apparently my schedule is just a suggestion, but it’s fine. Totally fine.). I start school in a WEEK and I’m so exciiited. But anywho, I feel like talking about the things I’ve been trying to do (both this year and past years) to be a little more environmentally friendly (and other things too, but this blog is about the ENVIRONMENT and not my LIFE so that), so I’m going to.

Let’s read and type on!

From like kindergarten to 5th grade, I had the same backpack. Aaand then it got too small, so I got a new one for 7th grade (the reason I didn’t have one for 6th grade is complicated, so we’re just going to say it was Covid). But ANYWHO, I’m using last year’s backpack again, partially because backpacks are hard to shop for, partially because it’s what I always do, and partially because the EARTH.

See, making things involves factories, factories involve energy, and energy involves fossil fuels. Plus, a lot of the material isn’t amazing for our environment either. So the longer I can hold on to my backpack, the better. Ta-dee!

Of course, this applies to most school supplies. Pencils use both wood (dead trees – unless of course the wood is used sustainably) and plastic (not good for the ocean or the climate). A lot of folders are plastic. Binders? Same thing.

Obviously, I DO need to get new things (and, guilty pleasure – I enjoy getting them new), but if I can reuse a few things, that’s good. Right?

I walked home the majority of last year, with the exception being rainy days, times when we had to get somewhere faster than I could walk, or times that I stayed after school for things like band or clubs.

But anywho, one of the friends I walk with said she’d be trying to walk home in the rain more to be more eco-friendly, and I think that’s a good goal to set. Just bringing an umbrella to school or deciding to get wet (my favorite thing to do unless I’m going somewhere right after school because RAIN IS AMAZING) can help save gas and means I’m not riding in a car (oh, for aliens, a car is this thing that pollutes the environment and gets us around super fast-ish).

Obviously, everyone reading this can’t walk home from school (especially the aliens), but taking the bus instead of driving with your parents can be amazing too.

This is an… interesting one? Last year, I got school-made lunches some days for the first time in my entire life (school lunches are not exactly known for being good, so I was like PACKING IS SO MUCH BETTER. Plus meat. It’s hard to be a vegetarian and eat school lunches and I basically got pizza every day, which gets old. Fast.), and there was SO MUCH SINGLE-USE PLASTIC.

Trays were re-used, but there’d be packaged apples or little plastic cups, parchment paper (I think?) that you had to put down under your pizza, and plastic-coated milk cartons. I would have used so many things that were going to never decompose in landfills (which are an issue for our climate, ohkie?) and had been made in factories which, as previously discussed, are just not GOOD.

So anywho, this year packing lunches seems like the better option because, well, when I pack my lunches there’s less trash. Plus, I don’t have to eat gross pizza every day. Because ew.

So anywho, that’s that! Encounter you in the comments (hopefully)!

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Goodbye July, Hello August! // School Starts in Like… 21 Days

Has the wordpress editor always had this serif font? Because I may be going crazy, but I think the font changed.

Heya earthlings and aliens! ‘Tis Naomi, and I’m convinced that we skipped a few days. Because it was literally just June. I mean, I definitely didn’t write “Goodbye June” instead of “Goodbye July”. So I’ll file a complaint to the calendar people and tell them that they skipped a few days, but in the meantime, I think I’ll just write this post. Sound good? Great.

Goodbye July

Hey, that sorta rhymes!


  1. Post another part/chapter of The Dreamer.
    I did! It took me like 5 million rewrites, but I did.
  2. Post more than 5 times
    Heh. Heh. Heh. Well.
  3. Actually read or watch some climate change stuff!
    I read AND watched climate change stuff, so.. whoop whoop?

This Month’s Media

Well, I actually read The Marrow Thieves. And it was… ok? It wasn’t the best book in the entire world (the main character was so aggravating and the romance was a tad bleh), but it was a really interesting and important-feeling book. So that.

Aaand I watched Kiss the Ground (read my review-ish thing here), which was AMAZING and had AMAZING pictures and I’m so proud of myself because I actually watched it.


  1. Post another part/chapter of The Dreamer
    I need a goal that I will definitely reach.
  2. Post 5 or more times
    Come on, me! You got this! *ignores the fact she only wrote 4 posts last month*
  3. Find a way to keep blogging as school starts up
    Heh. This’ll be fun.


World Water Week is from August 23 – September 1 and I’ll hopefully remember it exists so I can do a post on it.

Alrighty roo! These posts are always super short, but whatevs. I’m off to file that complaint to the calendar people.

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3 Things I Learned From Kiss The Ground // Ft. Me Getting Way Too Excited Because I’ve Kinda Been Planning This For an Entire Year

It’s kind of weird that I didn’t read/watch any climate change-y media for like 500 years and then I watched Kiss The Ground AND finished The Marrow Thieves? I dunno, I do things like that sometimes.

Heya humans and everyone else! ‘Tis yours truly, Naomi Domi (although isn’t it obvious?), and this post marks an amazing accomplishment. I’ve finally watched the movie I’ve been saying I’ll watch since 2021, and I’m finally doing the review I promised 500 million years ago (maybe not to you, but I promised MYSELF and I’m important too, ya know?). So… shall we?

*starts coughing because she gasped too… gaspily*
*waits for the coughing to subside*
*continues like nothing happened*

So if you’re one of those earthlings/aliens who was not around for my entire blogging life, or if you’re one of those earthlings/aliens who does not REMEMBER my entire blogging life, let me explain something to you. A while back, I wrote like 5 posts on cows. And how when cows… fart… they sorta put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?

I was just a tad bit obsessed. So anyway, when the Kiss the Ground people were like “COWS CAN BE GOOD” I was like “WAIT WHAT MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE I NEED TO TELL PEOPLE RIGHT NOW”. And then of course I stayed silent and kept watching and filed it away in my mental file folders that I can’t keep track of so I could put it in this post later because that’s how the world works, okie?

Okie. So anyway, about this whole good cows thing. Cows can graze on plants and take the place of machines to keep a sustainable farm growing. And a sustainable farm means more carbon in the soil, and less in the atmosphere. So woop-woop!

Ohkie, so maybe the title is a tad… exaggerated? But anywho, here goes the explanation.

So there’s sustainable farming and there’s non-sustainable farming, right? Right. Sustainable farmers actually make more because they have a variety of crops, plus the soil is healthy and therefore stores carbon. Yay, right?

But then you think, well, why in the WORLD are farmers still doing what they do – they can SEE the other human’s farm, right? They can SEE that sustainability is a better option.

There are a bunch of factors that probably go into a farmer not deciding to convert to a sustainable farm, but one of them is that the US government PAYS them for farming things like corn, and not for farming a wide variety of things.

Yes, you read that right, the government pays farmers to keep doing what they’ve always done. To destroy the soil by planting only one or two crops.

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for forever, so OBVIOUSLY I knew it was an idea. I just didn’t know how… simple it is. Obviously, it’s not like they’ll talk about the cons in this movie, but the pros of sustainable farming? Unless I’m missing something huge, I’m pretty sure they outweigh the cons.

Healthy soil from a sustainable farm means more crops and more profit. Healthy soil from sustainable farms means more carbon in the soil and less carbon in the air. Healthy soil from sustainable farms means healthy food and happier people. Healthy soil from sustainable farms is a win for everyone. Not just the earth.

(And obviously, everything that’s a win for the earth is a win for people too, but I’m just saying.)

And well, that’s that! Go watch Kiss the Ground, people. I’m just going to be off now since outtros are like the hardest thing to write.

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The Dreamer Part 1 // Soulmates, Dreams, and Homework

I am currently dying because I have a lot to do and I can’t read my book. Because you know, I should just be able to read and that should just take up my entire existence. Please?

Heya earthlings (and non-earthlings, hi to you too)! ‘Tis yours truly, and yep, I’m not dead. And also, yep, I didn’t find anything cool like Narnia or Hogwarts. I DID find a lot of really amazing books, but that’s irrelevant. This is not a book blog (although I’ve really been wanting to start a book blog cause like BOOKS ARE LIFE).

So you want to know why I didn’t post for like the entire month (yeah, I know that’s an exaggeration, but it’s fine)? Well, ya see, there’s not really a good explanation for that. Or, actually, the explanation is a long story involving fingers and cars (they’re not compatible), boredom (yes, boredom means being less productive. Don’t ask why.), and beaches. So you can just be glad I’m back (or not glad, but if you’re not glad, then I’m not sure why you’re reading this post so there.).

The OTHER thing that’s probably important to tell you is that I’m gonna be away for 10 days. I’m working on scheduling a few posts, but I won’t be reading your posts or responding to your comments ’till I return. Sorry.

*sits there awkwardly for a few minutes*

Oh, right, the actual post! I’ve just written a 5-paragraph-long intro and I haven’t said one word about The Dreamer. Whoops. Well, the 5 paragraphs were important, ok? Or at least 3 of them were. ANYWHO, today I’m bringing you the first “chapter” of The Dreamer, and if you’re not sure what that is, go check out this post (especially since that post also contains the prologue, which is important. So.).

I present to you…

Kurota’s 7th-grade future wasn’t looking super good. She couldn’t even get the easy first-day-of-school homework done because she couldn’t stop thinking that she knew the blonde girl sitting in the corner of homeroom. Nova, that was her name. Kurota was sure she’d never had a class with this girl, but there was something achingly familiar about her. 
And this was distracting Kurota from finishing her “My Life in Numbers” homework from Math 7. The easiest homework she’d get all year. If she couldn’t finish this, how could she be expected to get the hard stuff done? 
She exchanged her homework for her phone and made a mental note to try it again in an hour. Maybe her brain would be less foggy once she’d texted with her best friend.
Kurota: This might sound weird, but I feel like I know Nova somehow.
Kurota’s phone said that Orenda replied a minute after her text, but the phone must have been wrong because Kurota waited for an eternity.
Orenda: Why is that weird? She moved here last year. You probably saw her around.
Kurota: Well, maybe. But Orenda. I feel like we were close and I can’t remember how.
Orenda: Oooooooh! Maybe she’s your soulmate!
Kurota: Stop being your weird magic-obsessed self. You know I don’t believe in that stuff.
Orenda: Just ‘cause you don’t believe doesn’t mean it’s not real. People didn’t believe that the earth was round. Doesn’t change the fact that it is.
Kurota: And people believed the earth was flat. Doesn’t change the fact that it isn’t.
Orenda: Point taken. But Kurota, how else am I SUPPOSED to explain it? Oh, new idea! Maybe she visited you in a dream!
Kurota: Orenda, I love you like a sister, but a DREAM? You think she visited me in a DREAM?
Orenda: Hey, it’s possible. You have a better idea?
Kurota: Hmph.
Orenda: Well hmph back to you. 
Kurota doesn’t know how to reply, so she turns off her phone and gets her homework out. It hasn’t been an hour and her brain’s not any less foggy, but she doesn’t know what else to do, so it’s easy homework and racing thoughts.
Thoughts of a girl she just met.
Thoughts of a girl she feels like she knew. 

And there you have it! This chapter isn’t as good as the prologue because I’m much better at climax-writing than normal-life writing, but it’s fine. The story must go on!

Anywho. I’m going to go read now. Because like. That’s important.

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Happy Green Roof Day! // All About Green Roofs

I’m still getting used to this whole summer thing. I mean, theoretically, it’s amazing because I can like get stuff done and stuff, but um having nothing to do makes it hard for me to feel like doing ANYTHING, and so… welp. Problems.

Heya people! ‘Tis Naomi, and today we’re talking ’bout green roofs (as I promised we would in Friday’s post – look at me, keeping my promises!). I was actually really surprised that I had never written a post on green roofs before, so I did a search on it multiple times… but apparently I’ve never really talked about it before. So, uh, here you go!

Green roofs are basically gardens planted on top of flat-roofed buildings. There’s a lot of layers under and each of them does SOMETHING to keep the plants alive, keep roots manageable, keep water in the right places, or all of the above.

Well, green roofs provide a whole bunch of benefits, but this is a climate change blog, so I’ll focus on the three things they do to help fight climate change. And what are those three things? Well.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

The first thing is that a green roof, being a green roof, has plants, and those plants, being plants, go through photosynthesis. And if you weren’t aware, when plants go through photosynthesis (so they can, like, make food and stuff), they take carbon in and turn it into oxygen. And, boom, you help climate change. MAYYYBE you don’t make the biggest difference in the whole world, but you make a difference. Woo-hoo!

The second thing is that a green roof makes it so less energy is needed to heat/cool a building. It both provides insulation (wich keeps said building warm), and makes it cooler (because those black roofs are hot and make the building hot and.. that’s not good). And less energy means less greenhouse gases being created to create that energy, so yay!

Photo by Alireza Kaviani on

And the final thing is that a green roof helps the roof last longer. The national park service says that a green roof can last up to twice as long as a normal one. And the less repairs are needed, the less materials and machines are needed. And materials and machines aren’t good for our earth either. So ta-da!

“Green Roofs.”,

National Park Service. “Green Roof Benefits—Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service.”, 2019,

—. “What Is a Green Roof—Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service.”, 2019,

And that’s that! I hope you learned a good bit about green roofs from this post and happy green roof, eyewear, yo-yo, Russian language, drive-in movie, and gardening exercise day!

Yes, I decided on a wim to make a new sign-off. Thoughts?
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Hello June, Goodbye May! // Yeah, I’m Alive

I am so tired of movies. We watched like a million on our last days of school and just like uuuuuuuuuugh. But, ya know, whatever. I’ll be fiiiiiiine.

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi, and no, I’m not dead. Nearing the end of school, I was in a kinda weird mood where I like couldn’t get ANYTHING done. Blame it on the movies we watched basically the whole school day for a week. But school’s out! And so I’ll hopefully have more time to write blog posts and do all the other things I need to do – except for that one month that I’m away for almost all of. But we’ll get to that when we get to it.

Right now, we’ve got a post to write!


  1. Stick to the schedule
    *ahem* Well you see, I did it really well for like the first half of the month. But um. Well.
  2. ACTUALLY do SOME kind of work on This Precious Planet each week
    I did! I did! You hear that everyone? I ACTUALLY COMPLETED A GOAL. Except, uh, it wasn’t This Precious Planet – it’s The Dreamer now. But whatever. I worked on my story and released the prologue!
  3. Get The Marrow Thieves back out and finish it, watch Kiss The Ground, and maybe watch Don’t Look Up.
    Oh yeah. That. Well uh – no, no, and no? I kinda forgot about this one…

This Month’s Media

Thanks for asking, but I don’t think I read or watched anything climate change-y this month. Sorries. I’ve got lots of summer reading to do!


  1. Publish at least one more chapter of The Dreamer.
    Pretty easy goal. I think.
  2. Stick to the schedule.
    We’ll… we’ll try.
  3. Read/watch some environmental stuff!
    Since I failed last month.


It’s great outdoors month, and in light of that I’ll try to get some outdoors-y posts out there! And ALSO, June 6 is National Green Roof Day – which yay, because for some reason I haven’t really talked about green roofs on here yet!

And that’s all for today, folks! I’ll see you on Monday with a post about green roofs, and now I better be off – bye!

Question of the day: Do you have any environmental movie, book, or show recommendations for me?
Action of the day: Spend some time in nature!

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Answering Google’s Questions About Climate Change // Part 1

Spring is so weird. Like, it’s freezing cold in the morning and then it’s sooooo hot in the evening and,.. I just hate it. Oh, hi. What? *speaking from the distance* oooh, well, weather kinda has to do with climate change, riiiight? *more speaking* FINE. Whatever. I’ll do the post…

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi, and today I’m answering google’s questions about climate change (or at least attempting to). I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers doing “Answering Google’s Questions About…” posts, but I got today’s inspiration from Maggie’s post.

Oh, and! Before I forget. Nope, I’m not dead – sorry I missed posting yesterday, I had blogger’s block for a week. Anyhow, without further ado… the post!

Why is climate change important?
Well, so. Do you want a 100-page essay or a paragraph? *speaking from the distance (I guess I’m writing this post with help from an audience member)* The paragraph? Ok then. Well, according to WWF, we’re losing animal species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the rate we would if humans didn’t exist. The sea levels are rising, which means that countries on the coastline will eventually disappear. There are wildfires in California that you can sometimes see across the country. And we have roughly 10 years to stop the worst of it. Does that convince you that climate change is important?

Why is climate change bad?
I’ll just refer you back up to the previous question.

Why is climate change happening?
We humans, by using fossil fuels and participating in other activities (such as large-scale farming), have released way more greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) into the air. This traps heat in our atmosphere and has… a lot of other effects on the earth.

Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on

Why is climate change good?
It’s not. While climate change may have some positive effects, such as increased plant growth in some places, this is not guaranteed and also presents the problem of invasive species growing better as well.

When is climate change tipping point?
Well, that question doesn’t necessarily have a simple answer. In general, we probably have around 10 years to stop climate change before it’s too late. However, smaller tipping points kind of… add up to that? For example, say that 20-25% of the Amazon Rainforest is cut down. This would disrupt the cycle of water evaporating into the air, which would cause most of the remaining rainforest to die out. If this happened, the rainforest would let out a lot of CO2, therefore contributing greatly to climate change. There’s a loooot more to talk about here, so expect a post on tipping points in the future….

Photo by Pixabay on

When is climate change going to affect us?
Now. The wildfires in California might not be caused ONLY by climate change, but scientists believe that climate change is one of the causes of them. There’s been a dramatic rise in severe weather rates in recent years, leading scientists to believe THAT’S caused by climate change. Climate change warms the waters, which bleaches the coral reefs, which means less fish for us to eat. This isn’t a future problem. This is a now problem.

When is climate change going to stop?
Well, climate change isn’t going to just STOP. There’s a certain level of climate change that is irreversible at this point. We can’t bring back extinct animal species or refreeze glaciers. But if we can stop our emissions, we can stop climate change from getting much worse. It all depends on us.

Photo by N Jilderda on

Cho, Renee. “How Close Are We to Climate Tipping Points?” State of the Planet, 11 Nov. 2021,

Herring, David. “Are There Positive Benefits from Global Warming? | NOAA”, 29 Oct. 2020,

NASA. “The Causes of Climate Change.” Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet, NASA, 23 Mar. 2022,

WWF. “How Many Species Are We Losing?”, 2020,

Phew, that was a long post for me. I tried to keep my answers short, but well. It didn’t work amazingly. This was one of those posts that made me want to go write a lot of other posts so that I can elaborate on all the things I talked about. But anyhow, thanks for reading to the end! See ya Friday!

Question of the Day: What was your favorite question in this post?
Action of the Day: Try not to use any plastic for a day!

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Earth Day is Coming Up! // 5 Ways to Celebrate

Guess what? I actually talked to not-my-friend-people this week! Aren’t I SOOO AMAZING? (I mean I’m very very introverted and literally can’t talk to people so) The- Uh. Hi. Sorry. Yeah. The post. Moving on.

Heya! ‘Tis Naomi Domi, and I’m here today because, well, Earth Day is in 11 days and I thought I’d give you some ideas so you’re not just sitting around on earth day. Cause, like, who wants to do THAT?

I actually did this last year, but ya know, you need a refresher, right? Plus I have new ideas. So. There.

Without further ado… the post!

Ok, ok, I know. I think I was just talking about how basic trees are, but WHATEEEEVER. They’re still cool. Soooooooo planting trees. This is actually sort of a bunch of ideas squished into one, so let’s just do a list.

  1. Go to a tree-planting event with OneTreePlanted. I’m not sure what places they HAVE tree-planting events, but you can check here to see if they have one near you! And *cough cough* parents…. *cough cough* I think this is a GREAT idea and we should go to it this year…
  2. Buy a tree or 2… or 10… or 20… or 100 that will be planted in a forest where they’re needed. OneTreePlanted ALSO has a program like this – you pay money and they plant a tree! Pretty simple. Here’s the link to THAT.
  3. Buy a tree and plant it in your backyard! I recommend getting one from The Arbor Day Foundation.

This one is pretty simple and very versatile. Write and/or share something earthy! You could write an earthy poem, a cli-fi story, or an informative post. You could reblog something, share an article with your friends, tell someone about a great earthy book you read. You could write a blog post, post to social media, or send an email. You could do something that I can’t even think of!

I think that’s enough. Not much explaining for that one!

I was actually gonna include write and/or share in this part, but I really hate transitioning into lists, so I separated the sections. When I say “educate”, I mean educate yourself. Maybe read an article or a climate change-ey book (*cough cough* I have a lot of recommendations on here if you search, like “book”). Or you could listen to a podcast (I recommend “The Big Melt” or “How to Save a Planet”) or watch a video. Just learn something about our earth that you didn’t know before! Pretty simple.

As for attending something, you might have to do some of your own research because I kinda live over here in the US and you all live… lots of different places, so I can’t find things you can all attend in person. HOWEVER, I can suggest two awesome events to watch! The first is Earth Day Live, which has a bunch of different speakers talking about the earth. Second is the Earth Day 2022 Virtual Stage, which is… pretty much the same thing, but see which one you like better!

Okay, okay, this isn’t the BEST category, but seriously! Explore They have a bunch of cool things to do and even some events that might be near you! Just go. Look at the website. Please?

And that’s that! Have a great Earth Day and I’ll see you Friday (well, ya know, I’ll see your… words?)!

Question of the Day: Do you have plans for Earth Day?
Action of the Day: Do one of the things on this list for Earth Day!