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It’s Tell a Lie Day! // Climate Change Myths

Butterbeer. Is. Awesome. Period. Anyone out there had it? (And no, for those of you who are wondering, I’m not actually drinking alcohol. It’s a Harry Potter thing – not alcoholic) My friends and I had it today and it was so yuuuuuum…
Ok, yeah, yeah, I know. What does this have to do with lying? Or climate change? Or… anything? K, you’re right. Nothing. Try number two!

Heya people (and the rest of you)! ‘Tis Naomi, and because NationalToday says that it’s Tell a Lie Day, I decided why not do a myth-busting post? I’ve actually DONE one before, but that was for April Fools and back in the Naomi-is-slowly-figuring-this-out-but-not-quite-there-yet phase, so I thought I’d try again! Plus, sadly, there’s a lot of different myths out there to bust.

So… enough talking. Who’s ready to bust some myths? *chorus of “me”s*

Here we go!

Ok, so um. Even though it’s Tell a Lie Day, I’m not going to tell a lie… or, well, withhold information.

I actually kind of fell into this lie. Back when I was so basic that I was obsessed with trees (ok, trees are amazing, but they’re seriously overrated), I did a web search and found that the Amazon Rainforest apparently absorbed 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. This fact was confirmed across a BUNCH of sources, and even government officials confirmed it.

But then, uh, a while later, I was listening to The Big Melt and their myth of the day was… that. So I changed the post where I wrote it, but I never actually talked about it. So now we all know! Ta-da!

This myth is that renewable energy is unreliable because when the sun doesn’t shine or it isn’t windy, the energy won’t work. Well, if renewable energy was this unreliable, would California be close to a third of the way to all renewable energy? No.

Renewable energy can be used even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, because it can be stored.

A lot of people believe that not all scientists agree that climate change is real, but that’s not the case. Actually, 97% of all scientists agree on climate change. Enough said.

“Climate Change Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction.” Environment, 21 Dec. 2010, Accessed 5 Apr. 2022.

Gen-Z Media. “The Big Melt.” Spotify, Accessed 5 Apr. 2022.

WWF. “10 Myths about Climate Change.” WWF, 2000,

Alrighty roo! Have a great day/night, dear friends! I’m doing so well on my schedule, agreed? *smiles because she is so amazing*

Anywho, see ya Friday!

QOTD (question of the day): Do you know any climate change myths that I didn’t talk about?
AOTD (action of the day): Try to talk to a climate change skeptic about climate change!

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Future // A Poem

I so can’t take risks. Period. Like seriously. We’re playing a stock market game in school, and I bought like 5 stocks in all. My friend has about 30. It’s uh… it’s really great. I guess we’ll see how life goes? I myeah ohkay ohkay I get it we can’t listen to me rant cause the title told you it would be a poem and not a rant and so… moving on.

Hiya! ‘Tis Naomi, and welcome (or welcome back) to The SSCC! Today I’ll be sharing a poem… partially because that actually appears to be everyone’s favorite type of post and partially because, welp, I felt like writing a poem. *shrugs*

So anywho, there’s not much else to say in this intro, so sit back (but not so far that you can’t read this post), relax, and enjoy the poem!

10 years later,
Or 20,
Or 1.

What will we think?
When we look back,

To when we were on the brink,
Of this world going extinct.

Will the world turn to mud,
Be soaked with blood?

Will we look back,
And think…

We should have worked harder,
Been smarter.

Should’ve known that less is more,
We shouldn’t have kept score.

Will the world stay green,
Will we keep it clean?

And will we look back,
And think…

We worked hard,
Kept this world from turning boneyard.

The impossible,
Turned possible.

The grass green,
The rivers clean.

Is it too much to ask,
Before we become the past…

We learn to work smarter,
And harder.

We learn that the thing,
Is to be loving.

We learn that there’s a planet,
That we cannot forfeit.

Is it too much to ask,
That we act before this is all in the past?

That’s that! I hope you enjoyed – this one was actually sorta similar to the previous poem I did but… different…

Well, anyhow!

QOTD: Do you have any ideas for poem prompts (they should be environmental, but I mean, I could probably try and spin anything into being environmental… *shrugs*)

AOTD (action of the day): Check out a thrift store!

I’ll see you Monday (3 days on the schedule – I’m so amazing)!

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This Magical Thing Called Compost // I Might Have Found Another Obsession…

Did you know that it’s March 21? YES, I SAID MARCH. 21. Like, wha-huh-wha?? I’m giving a presentation to a bunch of scary adults in 9 days and I thought I had more tiiiiiime *dies* Ok, ok, I know what you’re going to say. This has nothing to do with compost (although I mean I’m talking about compost because of said presentation but like whatever).

Greetings friends! ‘Tis Naomi here and today we’ll obviously be talking about compost – I’m doing a slide in my presentation about compost and thought, well, why not share some information with you?

So, here ya go. Enjoy!

(Ok, I admit I’m not good at transitions. But uh. Oh well.)

Food waste accounts for 6% of greenhouse gas emissions – this is because landfills emit methane, a greenhouse gas that is over 25 times more potent than carbon and accounts for about 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Said methane is emitted because trash that is dumped in the landfill is decomposed anaerobically (without oxygen).

So can you guess how the food you (correctly) compost is decomposed? You guessed it, aerobically (with oxygen)! This means that the food you compost does NOT emit methane.

Photo by Emmet on

Alrighty, ready for the second point? We’ll just assume you are (told you I can’t do transitions).

Compost means good soil. And good soil means more carbon captured. How? Well, plants capture carbon (a well-known-ish fact) and they store said carbon in the ground. Soil that is richer can store more carbon, and compost is much richer than normal soil.

Compost can be done outside or inside, with food scraps or grass clippings (or, well, both), with worms or without worms.

If you’d like to do indoor composting, you just have to find a container to put your compost in and you’re pretty much ready to begin! I recommend this post for a little bit more information on indoor composting.

If you’d like to do outdoor composting, the process might be a little bit more complicated. Find a good spot – usually shady and near water – to compost, and then I recommend building some sort of fence to keep the compost from just being a… pile in your backyard.

Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn on

No matter what TYPE of compost you’re doing, you’ll want to regulate the amount of greens and browns you use. What are greens and browns? Well, they’re the two different types of materials you compost.

Greens are vegetable scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds, etc. while browns are leaves and paper.

But, well, knowing what greens and browns are isn’t really helpful unless you know how much of each thing you need in your compost pile, and the answer to that is… well… not clear.

Literally every single website I’ve looked at has given me a different number, so I’ve learned that it’s not going to be a universal thing. My advice? Experiment. If your compost pile is getting smelly, add some brown. If it’s not hot, add green. Sound good? Great.

Final rule: have fun with it and stick to it! It’s going to take some time, but you’ll get there eventually (probably).

Bruggers, James, et al. “Your Trash Is Emitting Methane in the Landfill. Here’s Why It Matters for the Climate.”, 13 July 2021,

How to Save a Planet. “Waste, Worms and Windrows: Domingo Morales’ Quest to Make Compost Cool.”, 17 Mar. 2022, Accessed 21 Mar. 2022.

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And that’s that! I’m doing super well with the schedule, agreed? 2 days strong!

QOTD: Do you compost? Do you want to?

AOTD (action of the day): Start a compost pile!

See ya Friday!

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Contest // Art For The Environment!

Hey hey! Naomi here. I’m in a very good mood, because I finallyyyyyy got Shadow And Bone at my library and eeeeeeee!

Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, I just needed to say that I did that, because I am very very happy!

(And that’s kinda why I didn’t get this post out YESTERDAY. I get a book I’m excited for, I need to obsessively read it! Of course.)

So so so, today, if you read the title, I’m going to be announcing the contest we’ll be doing this month!

Naomi you were doing soo well with the not-restating-the-title in the post thing…

Well uh, I uh, just… can we move on please?


So, scroll on, brave friend! I’m super excited!

That was a bit odd

Okaysies! So, we shall be doing an art contest! You can either draw something and send it to me, or you can make a design on canva/any other online making-graphics-thingamabob! I’m going to have you all vote (to spare me the whole… judging thing), and whoever gets the most votes wins (pretty straightforward, right?)! Your art should represent climate change, and I’ll pretty much give you creative license to do whatever you’d like, as long as you don’t do anything… inappropriate.

  • You may take inspiration from or get help from others, but please no direct copying. The work you submit must be your own! (I mean, I don’t know why you’d submit somebody ELSE’S work, but I’m saying it anyway…)
  • Please do not submit inappropriate or offensive content (And if I think it is inappropriate, I will not put it up for voting, I’m sorry…)
  • Entries should be sent to by September 20th!
  • Up to 2 entries per person please!
  • Your submission must be related to the theme (Of course, I mean, if you submit a drawing of a cat, that might be cute, but that won’t be counted as a contest entry 🤷‍♀️)
  • If you don’t follow these rules, you will be disqualified

Since judging a contest is uh… sorta kinda not fun, I’ll be having you judge for me! We’ll be using a poll, and whoever gets the most votes is first, second most is second… etc. etc.

I will be keeping all entries ANONYMOUS for the voting! Not that any of you would purposely make your decision ’cause you like someone, but I mean it happens subconsciously… so, I’ll remove the names! I’ll say who submitted what entry when I announce results.

As I said, whoever gets the most votes gets first… second most gets second… and so on. We’ll have first, second, third, and honorable mention! All places will just get a virtual certificate (if you have a blog you’re welcome to display it on yours!) and the knowledge that they won!

Alrighty roo (there’s my outtro thingamobob again…)! I can’t wait to see the entries, and I hope you participate!

QOTD: What’s your favorite art form (drawing, writing, etc.)?

See you next timee (Oh, and in the comments hopefully)!

*the see you part is… well, I just say see you because it sounds… right…*

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Goodbye August, Hello… the month after August. September, right?

If this post’s title doesn’t tell you enough, I have no sense of time right now. I mean, I spent FOREVER waiting for August 23rd (first day of school), and now that THAT’S been and past, I really don’t have any sense of time. Plus, I mean… IT’S PAST AUGUST 23RD I SURVIVED SCHOOL WOOOW! Um. Anyway. I feel like every monthly wrap up post starts like this, so let’s try this intro again…

Hey there! It’s Naomi (yep, you got your break from me with Rowan’s last post- but I’m baack! zD {Sep started it, and I like it, so we’re just gonna go with it. zD is just xD, and xD is just 😂. Got it?}), and I’m here with August wrap-up post, and… er… SEPTEMBER’s hello post! (my brain literally just registered that next month is September already. WOOW. I have big things in September toooooo… gosh. Time flies, doesn’t it?! Excuse me for a moment while I process things)

So, let’s get into the post before I start freaking out!


  1. Host a contest
    Look at me, look at me! I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED A GOAL! So so amazing, right?
    *waits for claps*
    *no one claps*
    *sighs and moves on*

    In any case, yes, I did host a contest this month, a poetry contest as a matter of fact! It was so fun reading everyone’s entries but…. um… not fun judging. So, you know, I DO want to do a contest again, but I don’t want to judge one, so… I’ll get that figured out!
  2. Write at least 15 posts
    *decides she better get this over with*
    *Peeks out from the covers and keeps writing*
    I should really stop putting such a high number on here, shouldn’t I? I got 13 buuut uh, not 15.
  3. Write in some more current news for posts
    *shrugs* Well, about halfway through the month, I decided to check back on my goals, and I realized I’d forgotten all about this one… I did do ONE current news post though! I’ll do better next time, k?
    *hides again*
    *realizes actually she’s done with this part, so she can come out now*

And uh, well, that’s how THAT went! I got like, 1 and a half. Which is better than sometimes! Yeah, better than sometimes! We’re going with glass half full here. Or uh… we’re going with, you know, half the goals were accomplished instead of half weren’t!*

*I’m always in a good mood when writing these, aren’t I? I mean, I’m giving credit to the GZM Beats music I’m listening to right now, it’s making me feel quite happy

What we DID do

Not much special, really. We kept up with posts pretty well, and oh! We did our first and second collab (so fun!), and our first guest post swap! Lots of fun!

This Month’s Media

New section alert! New section alert!

I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching, some great climate change / environmental media! I thought that doing a little wrap-up of the climate change media I’ve read/watched/listened to this month would be fun! So uh, here goes…

The Week Junior had several articles about different things happening in the news to do with climate change, and also about things like electric vehicles – and, they did an entire article about the UN’s report on climate change, which was super cool! I wish I could share the article with you, it does an AMAZING job of explaining the basics of climate change!

Lili wrote an amazing poem about the environment, which was just… so goooood!

I watched an old-ish TED Talk titled “The Case For Stubborn Optimism On Climate Change”, which was just so very good and totally gave me some newfound hope that we CAN work through this!

I discovered The Ecolytical and read some of those absolutely A M A Z I N G posts!

I listened to a couple new episodes of The Big Melt, which I enjoyed and got a few post ideas from!


  1. Do a contest!
    I actually think I might do a contest and have you guys vote! All the fun without the judging, right? We’ll see! I’m pretty excited for my idea…
  2. Write 14 posts
    14 is my goal! I think it’s actually pretty plausible, I’m settling into my new school schedule and… well, I can hope, right?
  3. Current News (Again)
    Yep, I’m trying THIS again. I’d really like to includes some more current news in my posts, and I PROBABLY won’t forget about this goal this time (HOPEFULLY)!
  4. Do an episode of the PODCAST
    I know this isn’t blogging goals, but I kind of want to record an episode of the podcast… I haven’t for a while, some things got complicated in the process of doing that, but I do want to do another podcast episode – I might start long term again, we’ll see!


Guess what’s SUPER EXCITING?! There’s actually MULTIPLE ENVIRONMENTAL HOLIDAYS in September! They should spread the holidays out more… What are these holidays? Well… September 7th is the International Day Of Clean Air – cool, right? And September 25 is National Public Lands Day (national as in across the US… but you know, we can all celebrate it, right?). Stay tuned for posts on those days to help you celebrate!


Our theme for September is…

Drumroll Pleeease….


No, I mean ACTUALLY drumroll for me, please? I mean, I know maybe people will stare at you if you do, so… actually, let’s just…

Thank you youtube!

Government! Hear me out here. So, I was thinking about how we NEED the government to act, and we need them to act now. I was thinking about how these little things that we do in our life DO help, but to make a big difference, we need the government involved. I’m thinking that this month I’ll provide you with a couple email outlines, government contact lists, and organizations that work to make the government do more eco-friendly things! I’ll also probably be talking a bit about some of the things that HAVE been passed (like the Paris Agreement)! What do you think? Wow that was way too much think…

Alrighty roo, then (I guess that’s my new outtro thing?)! Thank you for reading this loooongish post, I hope you enjoyed!

Question of the day: What are you looking forward to in September?

Well, I’ll see you next time!

*leaves the computer and goes ahead and tells everybody that GUESS WHAT IT’S SEPTEMBER*