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Can we all just pretend that I went on some amazing quest and that’s why I can’t keep up with the blog? // Some Updates + Things Because It’s Been Way Too Long

Last time I posted was only 2 months ago… that’s okay-ish… right? Although I kinda gave no warning and have not been consistently posting since like August but WHATEVER. IGNORE IT.

So sorry it’s been forever. I had to cure my entire population of a tearing-out-throats disease while simultaneously dealing with feelings for the dude that betrayed me, I accidentally found a portal in my Grandfather’s wardrobe, I found out that I was actually a different not-person and went off to fight angels, I finally got my letter to a magical school like 2 years late… or I was just sorta was busy with life. You decide which of those things you believe (and bonus points if you know which book each of the excuses comes from {but don’t ask me what the points are for}).

So ANYWHO, heya! ‘Tis Naomi Domi, a blogger you may or may not have forgotten about, and she’s posting on her blog about climate change (another thing you may or may not have forgotten about). Today it’s not reeeeally about climate change because like it’s been too long, buuuut whatever. It is TECHNICALLY a blog about climate change, so I’m sorta obligated to like… say that? Anywho.

The actual content of this post is pretty self-explanatory… I’m just sorta catching up on stuff? Soooooo since I’ve apparently forgotten how to transition, let’s just keep scrolling, shall we?

  • I have not forgotten that the blogosphere exists... I’ve just been doing other things? I am so excited to read your blog posts again because I’m kinda suffering from blogosphere deprivation.
  • I actually have full drafts ready this time so if I decide I don’t want to write a post, I can just publish those and it’ll be great and MAYBE I’LL BE CONSISTENT.
  • The plan is to post weekly at least for now… hopefully on Mondays and maybe sometimes on Tuesdays.
  • You might not remember Charlie… but she’s started blog 3 (her others are gone now, very sadly), and so if you want to hear about her life you can join her blogging family right over here.
  • COP27 just happened in Egypt (like it finished four days ago), meaning that the leaders of the world got together and talked about how our world is dying. Fun times!
  • NASA is preparing to launch this satellite called SWOT that will give us a bunch of new information about the world’s water which is connected to climate change because we’ll get information about how oceans affect our air.
  • And a lot more but I kinda realized that I use a lot of words to explain things, so I’m going to be talking about those things (and these two points) in future posts where I have room for all those words.
  • I read These Violent Delights and am so obsessed I need the next one right now. This has nothing to do with climate change, but like you need to know what I’ve been doing SO THERE.
  • I got really busy with school and flute which is why I haven’t been posting (I mean, um, PART of the reason. I’ve definitely also been saving the world and stuff. My life’s not boring and normal at all.)
  • But now I’m on Thanksgiving break and have literally NOTHING to do soooo I can finally make blog posts.
  • I forgot the reason I’m not a lifestyle blogger is that I have no clue how to talk about my life, so I’ll stop now.

Aaand, welp, that’s that! I guess I shall encounter you in the comments?

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I’m Back! // A few announcements, why I was gone, and vote!

That was. The longest title. EVER

Well not THE longest title!

It was long, ok?!

Yeah yeah yeah. Well that’s because we’re talking about a loooot in this post…


My last post was like… 100 days ago.

*checks the site*

Ok, ok, it was 12 days ago! But that’s… close.

Anyway, it’s Naomi, and welcome or welcome back to this blog! Welcome back to meee as well. So, in this post I’ll tell you why in the WORLD I disappeared of the face of the planet (sorry ’bout that), a few random thingimabobs, and I’ll have you vote for our contest! Lots to get through, so let’s just get to it alreeeady…

Yeah well you’re the one making it take longer.

Yeah well now it’s YOU!


In the end, it was Veronica Roth’s fault.

Anybody read Divergent? Like, the whole trilogy? Well uh, I won’t be a spoiler, buuuut something really really REALLY horrible happens in it. And I uh… was listening to it on audiobook… and um… got mad… and uh… well I broke the computer. Like, I literally hit it (on accident), and… so… now my computer is dead.

Which is why yours truly disappeared off the face of the planet. BUT! Now I’ve been allowed on my mom’s computer while my computer gets fixed, and so hello world!

So, life lesson: Don’t listen to heartbreaking books with expensive and important things in the vicinity!

While I was gone, I didn’t have access to blogging- but I did have access to a brain! That sounded weird. I mean, I always have access to a brain. Duh. Ish.

So, there are quite a few posts in the making – particularly possibly a cli-fi series (you’ll see), and a few other fun things!

The OTHER thing that’s important to know: We had a contact form, but that was just for joining… so I’ve added a second contact form for you to get in touch if you want to do a collab or if, ya know, you want to tell me about a super cute cat you saw on the street!

You PROBABLY didn’t come here to hear about why I’ve been gone for 100 years 12 days, or even to hear about post in the future- I BET you came here to vote! A bit ago, I announced an art contest which you all could vote for because judging is… not fun!

So today is the fateful day that we shall vote!

I’ll be announcing the contest results on the first of October, so get your votes in before then! All entries are anonymous and numbering is random. So let’s see what we have!

*entries are numbered, vote for the number picture you like best in the poll below*

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4

Alrighty roo! That’s it for this post! Thank you for stayiiing!

See you in the next post (oh, and in the comments)!

I mean, not literally SEE YOU IN the next post, but uh.. ya know, everybody gets my point, right?

QOTD: It’s been foreeever. How is everyone? Tell me how your life is going!


That part is always so awkward.