Hello there! I’m Naomi, the girl behind the blog. I’m an extreme over-user of parentheses (I mean, I used them twice in the intro. Seriously.) and write very, very long intros (although SOMETIMES I’m amazing and only write a paragraph or two, but that’s rare). When I’m not sitting here typing on my computer, you’ll find me reading, acting, or snuggling with my cats.

But you see, however amazing I might be, this blog is not (supposed to be) about me. Theoretically, this blog is about Earth. And for all you aliens, Earth is the planet I call home. It’s green and blue and beautiful, but humans (these creatures that walk on 2 legs and think that they’re very smart) are ruining it, and as a human, I feel like I should probably try to stop said ruination.

So about this “ruination”. To be more specific, I’m talking about this thing called climate change, which is basically a change in our climate caused by us (do I have to explain to you that by “us” I mean humans?) and our carelessness. You know how I said we THINK we’re smart? Well, theoretically, we are. But we aren’t exactly WISE, and smart – wise = bad choices that hurt our planet.

But see, we CAN use our smartness and be wise about it. Us humans have created and thought of a bunch of wonderful things that can help to stop this whole ruination thing from getting too much worse. The problem is that this species is scared, and that’s moved like half of us to deny this ruination is even happening or to treat it as, well, not a big issue. But if we can get past that, we can make this better. And that’s why I’m here.

Ohkay then, I’m going to be going now, but there’s a lot more for you to explore… the rest of this blog, other corners of the internet, and obviously, the earth (or your planet, I guess? Although not if your planet’s not safe.). So shoo! It’s time to move on to other things.

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