As mentioned on the homepage, this blog is currently kinda just run by me, Naomi, and the club as a whole is not currently… functioning? However, here are some of the people who helped get this whole thing started!

Note: This website supports Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, Asian Americans, & immigrant rights. We will not tolerate any hate. Thanks!


Hyesle! Excited to meet you. I’m a cat and climate-loving tween girl who loves to write. I also blog over at Earthy Diaries, an awesome collab blog!


Hi! I am a horse and animal lover and I want to protect this planet. I have my own personal blog Charlie Forever.


Hyesle! I’m a dragon loving bookworm who also loves to create her own characters and stories! I am very passionate about the Earth and saving it, and I am the leader of Ocean Heroes. 


Hewo! Nice to meet you. I’m a pansexual teen blogger who also blogs on BooksByMaeve. I’m currently a junior member, but I will assume my role as secretary soon! Climate Change is really not something I want to have to worry about, and that is one reason I joined!
*BooksByMaeve has, sadly, been deleted*